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Saturday, July 6

Parade Entry Form

TYPE OF FLOAT ENTRY (for judging)
Check if it applies to your entry:

The Shiner Chamber of Commerce, Half Moon Holidays Committee, officers, members, designated officials and volunteers are not liable in either official or individual capacities for property damage, personal injury or death arising from your participation in the Shiner Half Moon Holidays Parade. By signing this entry form, the responsible person or persons for the entry: 1) binds each person participating in this activity under the authority of this entry form to old afore named harmless from liability; and 2) agrees to provide each participating person under the authority of this entry form with a copy of this disclaimer.

NOTE: Be advised the parade route will cross an operational train track. Careful consideration and adhering to the warning lights is the responsibility of the persons participating in the parade.

Thanks for registering for the Half Moon Holidays Parade. See you there!

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